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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Here I work: Publishing house International Media
«Ideal house», «Wellness», «Bon appetite! » (Kushaty podano!), «Histories of successful companies and people» magazines.

Here I buy a phototechnique: internetshop FOTOSALE
These people not simply sell a technique, they understand photographers.

Here I already buy a computer hardware for about 6 years: Stock-shop
Huge assortment, low prices, exceptional staff decency.

Here I used to know the latest news from the world of digital photo: Digital Photography Review
The latest news of digital photographic technique, high-quality reviews and detailed testing (estimation of digital noise, dynamic range and color rendition of digital cameras). Enormous information base on digital cameras. Forum.

Here I am always before the purchase of next lens:
High-quality reviews and detailed technical testing (including the estimation of vignetting and test pictures of ISO 12233 chart with the different values of diaphragm and focal distances, that allows to estimate lens sharpness, chromatic aberrations and distortion, as far as compare them to each other) of almost all Canon’s optic line, and some Sigma and Tamron lenses.

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